Hi everyone,

I'm new to Django and currently working on a very simple app. It's 
basically a note app, a bit like a Trello board but aimed at creating 
user-story cards for software development teams (code at 

I made a mock-up in Photoshop of how it's supposed to look:

<http://i65.tinypic.com/2lv1lrk.png>  <http://i64.tinypic.com/6hrthz.png>

I've got some basic functionality up and running - users can register and 
create a user-story card. When a new card is created, a title, description, 
time estimation are inputted. Cards are just displayed as list items in 
columns. I'm trying to add a button to the cards so that when it's clicked, 
the details of the card open up in a new and a user can edit the card info 
or delete it. 

A couple of noob questions:

1. To click on a card so it opens up and displays the details, am I right 
to say I should create a card.html file in the templates folder for this? 

2. I'm confused about how Django keeps track of the cards in my app - I 
presume each card object has an ID in the database and I'd need this ID in 
order to retrieve the card's details when it's clicked - but I'm unsure of 
how to link the two. In the two pictures above, say someone clicked on the 
'class progression' card on the left... I'd like a new page to open up that 
display the details for that card and allows the user to edit the info or 
completely delete the card.

I'm maybe asking a bit much here - but I'm unsure of how complex these 
requirements are. It feels like it should be *fairly *straightforward. Any 
thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time

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