Jani Tiainen, Your assertion that ES is not very well supported is 
incorrect.  Most of ES6 is in fact highly supported across browsers except 
for certain specifications that are still being worked on regarding 
implementation details.  For reference, look at 
http://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/. It all depends on your target 
audience, but using babel to transpile by default is a good practice.

As to the original issue, the problem is OP is using a non-compatible 
browser for imports, as you can see at https://caniuse.com/#feat=es6-module  
Firefox and IE are the big names that have  no native support and will 
require a transpiled version to work.

TL;dr front end can be a mess, OP got caught in it and there are ways 
around it.

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