I am fairly new to the web hosting world. I recently purchased a plan at
a2hosting. It's a shared hosting plan. After some problems with FastCGI, I
was told to use passenger to host django. I couldn't find much on this
topic and somehow managed to get the website working. However, soon I
realized that the post forms weren't working. More importantly, the admin
site wasn't working properly. I get to the admin site login but once I try
to login, I get a page not found error.

I have contacted the hosting provider and they seem to think that my
configuration with passenger is wrong. They were kind enough to offer to
change any server side settings if needed. So any idea what I am doing
wrong? Could you guys provide me the steps to get django working with
passenger? Or is it some server side settings fault?

Please note that I decided to get rid of everything and start fresh. I
created a project by, first creating a virtualenv using CPanel's setup
python app. This also creates a passenger_wsgi.py and a .htaccess file. I
edited the passenger_wsgi.py to the following code:
from projectname.wsgi import application

After that I configured the settings where I made changes to the allowed
hosts and provided the static and media files and directories. Then I ran
collectstatics and made migrations and created superuser. Then, (keep in
mind I am using the project I just created and haven't changed anything or
added any apps) I went to, www.example.com/admin and the login appeared.
But, once I do try to login, I get a page not found error.

The directory looks something like this:


Please note: there are other files but I included the ones I thought were

Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconveniences

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