Hi Umar,

On 2018-07-12 10:40, Umar Kambala wrote:
Kasper thanks for your brotherly advice, please I will be glad next time u add me a link.

As I mentioned before, I think you should pick up a beginner book on Python programming.

I personally read a book called "Dive into Python" some years ago which was quite good although it might be slightly outdated now. But that book is for someone who already has experience with other programming languages, which doesn't seem to be your case, so I couldn't recommend that in your case.

Anyway, there are tons of tutorials on Python programming for beginners. I don't know which ones to recommend, but maybe someone else can be helpful.

> But I came across another error, when I run python
> manage.py runserver everything work find but when I enter I
> gets "no internet connection" do I hv to be connected wit internet
> before I can access de local server?

You've already asked that question and someone else already gave you an answer. I cannot help debugging your internet connection. Ask you ISP or wherever you get your connection from.

Kind regards,

Kasper Laudrup

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