On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 07:41:17AM +0530, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> On 12-Nov-07, at 6:25 PM, Forest Bond wrote:
> > Maybe you need to decrease your ServerLimit?  Each forked server  process
> > leads to increased memory usage.  For a really low volume site, you can  get
> > away with ServerLimit 1, although I'd be sure to host your media files in a
> > different instance (webfaction has docs for doing this somewhere).
> did that
> > Make sure that Django and Python debug settings are disabled, too
> > (apache2.conf PythonDebug, settings.py DEBUG).
> did all this - I am still getting around 35 MB per instance. And it  
> is not the fault of webfaction. The same site on my local machine  
> gives the same figure. This on the latest svn in both cases. The last  
> time I looked at these figures, it was around 12-15mb an instance.  
> Any other clues?

This is probably normal memory usage.  This is not a problem, as long as it
doesn't grow much beyond that, right?

I have two small sites that share a lot of code running on a webfaction account.
With ServerLimit 1 and media hosted on the main apache instance (which doesn't
count against me for RAM usage), I stay pretty constant at 32-35MB.  I don't
think it would be possible to get much lower than that.  Libraries have to get
loaded somewhere, afterall.

I guess maybe you could try to reduce your imports.

Forest Bond

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