Yuri D'Elia <wavexx@...> writes:

> On 09/19/2014 03:18 PM, Luca Casavola wrote:
> > I have installed on Thunderbird  31.1.1 ( not 32, I was wrong ) .
> > After setting up the DL account with my internal server I was able to
> > the link from thunderbid but I got an erro when I tried to produce a grant
> > On thunderbird I got the message on the status bar:
> > Cannot generate a new grant
> > On the console error the  are no errors.
> > On the server side i got the info ( from webserver 's error.log )
> >  PHP Notice:  date_default_timezone_set() [<a
> > href='function.date-default-timezone-set'>function.date-default-timezone-
> > set</a>]:
> > Timezone ID '' is invalid in 
> > ...
> > but it should not be related with the issue since I got it for each dl
> > Instead , from webserver 's access.log I got :
> >  "POST /dlticksvc/rest.php/newgrant HTTP/1.1" 400 204 "-"
> > "thunderbird-filelink-dl@.../0.13 Lightning/3.3"
> > I presume there is some error on the POST request.
> > How can investigate on it.
> I assume here generating a grant from the web interface works.
> Since you seem knowledgeable, can you please try if:
>   ./dl/client/dl-cli.py -g random@...
> works from the command line?
> Also, it would be helpful to know which configuration do you have on
> your server (apache, php-fpm, mod_php, etc) and which configuration
> example did you follow from the README to set it up.
I have found the problem,
it is the paramater magic_quotes_gpc=On which differs from you indication.
Unfortunately another virtual web site on the same web server, Apache/2.2.16
(Debian), needs  the value "On" .
For some reasone newticket post command works but newgrant fails with such a
I tried to override the parameter with the option
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off within .htaccess  
and/or php.ini in the /dlticksvc/ directory but it didn't work
Have you any hints in how to achieve this overriding?

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