On 06/22/2015 03:19 PM, Peer Tavori wrote:
> Is there a possibility so set the password (and if, possible, the expiry)
> from the Thunderbird add-on? 
> If not, how much effort would it be to extend the Add-on? 
> Could I do it myself? (Never created any TB Add-on, so I know only very
> little about the idiosyncrasies involved, just that mozilla are doing their
> very own thing)
> Or are you planning to do that (i.e. give the Add-on the same capabilities
> as the Web frontend)?

It should be do-able by the add-on, the only question though is
where/when to ask.

I was planning to add the *default* settings in the preferences (in the
attachment/upload/dl settings).

I could prompt for settings/password when the ticket is uploaded, but I
guess this would not be the desired action 99% of the time. You don't
want to be prompted at *every* file attached.

Any ideas on how would you like it to behave?

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