Yuri D'Elia <wavexx@...> writes:

> > Or are you planning to do that (i.e. give the Add-on the same capabilities
> > as the Web frontend)?
> It should be do-able by the add-on, the only question though is
> where/when to ask.
> I was planning to add the *default* settings in the preferences (in the
> attachment/upload/dl settings).
> I could prompt for settings/password when the ticket is uploaded, but I
> guess this would not be the desired action 99% of the time. You don't
> want to be prompted at *every* file attached.
> Any ideas on how would you like it to behave?

For all practical cases a yes/no switch in the *default* settings should
work well: "ask for passwd/expiry on upload" yes/no; 
The dialogue for passwd/expiry could be a modal part (same as web) just
before the upload. The user should have the option to use the defaults (no

So people could decide to turn it off entirely or being asked and bypass
quickly if not needed.

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