Hi folks, just want to put some words on the status of the Thunderbird
extension. As you probably noticed, it currently doesn't work on TB 60+.

TB 60 decided to jump on the new FF engine, and as Firefox with the 60
release, the following happened:

- TB 60 doesn't have the WebExtension APIs required yet to develop
  FileLink extensions.

  See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1481052 TB 63
  "should" be the first TB version that includes the required API. At
  the time, the API is still being discussed.

- Despite knowing several extensions won't work with TB 60, they still
  decided to disable "Legacy extensions" by default. Note that,
  contrarily to Firefox, TB extensions won't have *anything* in common
  with other browsers or clients, so there's no rush for "WebExtension"
  compatibility here.

- TB also deliberately changed several APIs with TB 60, which they could
  have avoided. This broke existing "legacy" extensions exactly at the
  worst possible moment.

- Cherry on top, TB also removed the installation of the xpcom SDK,
  which caused Debian to drop most of the utilities *needed* to
  fix/rebuild the extensions.

Just like FF 60, I'm actually mad at how the transition was handled.
TB is clearly understaffed, but there's no excuse for such a poor
release handling. TB 60-62 will require a specific extension just for
the transition period, and that code will have to be trashed again for
TB 63.

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