Hi guys.  I just tried to upload a big file for what must be the first time in six months.  As explained below this doesn't work anymore. The fact that the extension is broken isn't mentioned anywhere on the web site.  The information in Add-Ons for DL directs me to this page:


Can I get you to change page that so that people looking for information about why they can't use DL can figure out what the problem is?

Hi Guys,

The bug report in the below email is marked fixed in 65.0. You can download 65 ( I'm using it right now)  but  DL will not work. Is there something else I need to do to get it to run?

Thunderbird 65 adds support for WeTransfer as well as DropBox.  This represents a slap in the face to DL and everybody that works on Thunderbird extensions. 

WebExtensions FileLink API to facilitate FileLink add-ons. WeTransfer is already included and Dropbox is available as add-on.

Thanks for your efforts.


Hi folks, just want to put some words on the status of the Thunderbird
extension. As you probably noticed, it currently doesn't work on TB 60+.
TB 60 decided to jump on the new FF engine, and as Firefox with the 60
release, the following happened:

- TB 60 doesn't have the WebExtension APIs required yet to develop
  FileLink extensions.

  See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1481052 TB 63
  "should" be the first TB version that includes the required API. At
  the time, the API is still being discussed.

- Despite knowing several extensions won't work with TB 60, they still
  decided to disable "Legacy extensions" by default. Note that,
  contrarily to Firefox, TB extensions won't have *anything* in common
  with other browsers or clients, so there's no rush for "WebExtension"
  compatibility here.

- TB also deliberately changed several APIs with TB 60, which they could
  have avoided. This broke existing "legacy" extensions exactly at the
  worst possible moment.

- Cherry on top, TB also removed the installation of the xpcom SDK,
  which caused Debian to drop most of the utilities *needed* to
  fix/rebuild the extensions.

Just like FF 60, I'm actually mad at how the transition was handled.
TB is clearly understaffed, but there's no excuse for such a poor
release handling. TB 60-62 will require a specific extension just for
the transition period, and that code will have to be trashed again for
TB 63.


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