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>>> The fun is moving to ARC
>>> https://dmarc.org/2015/10/global-mailbox-providers-deploying-dmarc-to-protect-users/
>> Sad to see that Gmail plan to move to p=reject
> I’m hoping that it encourages the mailing list folk who have been reluctant 
> to become DMARC safe to reconsider, whether thats ARC or wrapping.
> As an enterprise hoping to go p=reject, this is potentially a big deal for me 
> :)

I’m not exactly in the loop, but besides this article almost a year ago, I 
haven’t seen anything else about gmail going p=reject… and it’s now 3 months 
past the advertised date.
Any word there?

Somewhat related (to my earlier post) - are there any _enterprises_ on this 
list that have experience or are currently attempting to either go p=reject or 
enforce DMARC policies inbound?


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