Hello Sri,

This is more about address coloring than the Liaison statement.

The approach of coloring IPv4 and IPv6 addresses/prefixes with
mobility properties.

This is about standardizing IP address address/prefix ³types". Each ³type"
has a certain behavior that the network is expected to provide. Section
3.1, of draft-ietf-dmm-ondemand-mobility-13 defines the following four
address types, which are applicable to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and

#a. Fixed IP Address
#b. Session-lasting IP Address
#c. Non-persistent IP Address
#d. Graceful Replacement IP Address

If one gets a non-persistent IP address and somehow as events unfold there is a need for a persistent IP address, is it required to change addresses?  Or can one change the color of the address in use?

If one gets a fixed IP address, but never hosts any persistent sessions, can the address be re-colored?

Is the expectation that users will be charged different rates depending upon the color of their address?  If the address could be re-colored, would the charging regime change at the time the address gets a new color?

Charlie P.

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