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> > 
> > But I am sure that 99.9999% of the users do not need supervisors in
> > 99.9999% of the cases...
> I wouldn't say 99.9999%. I think everyone running wpa_supplicant can
> benefit from having it respawnable, because it crashes at the slightest
> excuse, and respawning makes it available whenever needed.

Sorry but if wpa_supplicant crashes for whatever reason (something
that I have never experienced so far, to be honest), then it means
that wpa_supplicant is not doing its job properly. The only way for a
program to do its job properly is by *stayng alive* not by

If a program crashes while doing its job, then you don't need a
supervisor, rather a piece of software which does its job without
crashing. Crashing should not be the norm, ever. And the problem is
not solved by respawning, ever. 



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