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schrieb Jaromil <>:

> not at all. We even plan to roll out our own openrc package, ditching
> the one from Debian which has many problems. Perhaps what you are
> hitting is one of them.
> For Devuan's Openrc we will follow the design proposed by upstream and
> Gentoo's, the maintainer volunteering for this is Parazyd (also on
> this list) who works with us at We will also use Openrc in
> our projects and are advocating for it as the next new standard in
> Devuan ascii, at the condition of a 100% smooth transition from
> sysvinit.
> At last, we haven't done anything on the OpenRC package yet so your
> problems are entirely caused by the Debian maintainership, which can't
> be trusted at all, IMHO

Thanks a lot Jaromil for the info. 

It's not - by chance ;) - i could
pickup from somewhere a beta of the OpenRC package you're working on?

I hate the idea to redo several scripts (i - painfully ;) adapted from
Gentoo to the previous deb version to make them work with the debian
crippeled openrc) to make them goable for sysvinit.

In any case, me for one (simple user!), i like a lot the idea to use the
original gentoo style openrc - and i like openrc for its ease to use.

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