On 10/17/2016 03:36 PM, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:49:43PM +0800, Robert Storey wrote:
>> Hi. Thanks to everyone for suggestions on how to diagnose the problem. It
>> might well be something to do with PAE or UEFI, or maybe his processor is
>> an i486. I'll see him tomorrow and try to figure it out, but I don't want
>> to devote too much time and effort to this...just one more good reason for
>> him to use Refracta, which seems to boot everything!
> Does Refracta build its packages itself?  Or does it just copy them 
> from Devuan, which copies them from Debian?
> If it copies, it is likely not to be a i486 issue.
> -- hendrik

Refracta uses the Devuan main repository. The packages don't get changed
in any way. As I mentioned in another post, Refracta and Devuan are using
the same Debian kernel.

Can anyone tell us what commands/options are used in making the Devuan
isos?  (xorriso, genisoimage, mkisofs?)

Speaking of booting everything, someone brought an old PII laptop to a LUG
meeting. He was trying to install linux on it and not having any luck. We
were able to boot my refracta(wheezy) usb stick on it and install the
system. It worked great until I blew away the plop bootloader by
installing grub. :o


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