* On 2016 18 Oct 03:10 -0500, Aldemir Akpinar wrote:
> Apparently systemd is having a conference in a week in Berlin. Looking at
> the schedule ( https://cfp.systemd.io/en/systemdconf_2016/public/schedule/0 )
> is, I think, helpful for us to see what's happening in the systemd
> universe. Also it's not surprising to see that Redhat is the main
> sponsor.

According to the way I read the schedule, this has already taken place
about three weeks ago, Sept 28 through Oct 1.

At the end of Day 2 was a forum, "Talking to systemd from a Web
Browser".  Uhhh, wut?  That was preceeded by, "Automotive startup and
device management".  Uhh, nope, not for me.

I wonder when they discussed rounding up and reeducating all the Unix
gray beards?

- Nate


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