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> Cacti isn’t dead – 0.8.8g came out in Feb 2016 and 0.8.8h came out in May.

  Well, it's not dead, but it is in intensive care:


    This roadmap is out of date. We are reorganizing to improve the
    development cycle of Cacti. More information coming before the end of

Development Road Map
Cacti 0.8.9
Major Features

    Integrated plugin architecture

Cacti 1.0.0
Major Features

    Web 2.0 implementation using AJAX
    Integrated plugin architecture
    Inclusion of some core plugins in the base code, Boost, Settings, etc...
    Improved installation and platform specific setup
    Extended RRDTool support
    Improved Templating and Data Query usage
    Command line scripts enhancements
    Updated graph presentation
    Many enhancements for Plugin Developers

Cacti 1.1.0
Major Features

    User audit logging
    Distributed and remote polling
    User groups
    Granular user and group permissions

Road map subject to change, check back for updates.

Last updated: 2013-08-04

> They’re not the speediest and they have a weird version control system (why
> the third decimal AND the letter?)

  Because 0.8.8 is the version number, the added letter is the patch level.

> but it’s a very usable system that lots
> of admins use on a daily basis.

  That's the reason I'm using it.

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