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> Greetings.
> Currently running Debian SID, with separate /, swap, and /home
> partitions.
> I don't suppose switching is as easy as simply replacing the / partition
> with a new install, preserving the old data?

Depends what you mean by "replacing with a new install".

If you mean "install Devuan on a new partition, change grub and fstab to mount 
that partition under /, and then reboot", then all your data in /home will be 
as it was, certainly - no problems there - however you'll need to reconfigure 
anything/everything you had in /etc and so on.

Personally I would take a backup of / and then try doing a dist-upgrade on it; 
if that works you've kept all your application configs etc; if it almost works 
you might be able to do a bit of manual hacking to sort out a small number of 
packages which didn't quite understand what was happening to them; if it 
really doesn't work then you still have your backup and can revert to that and 
think again.

Please let us know what you do and how it goes.

Welcome to Devuan :)


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