Elaborating on something I wrote, for completeness's sake:

> There is a small chance that Weaver's homedir dotfiles / dotfile
> directory contents from Sid might have problems on Devuan Ascii, 
> because of the effect of back-revving some codebases.  For example, in
> my experience GNOME's dotfiles / dotfile directories have poor backwards
> compatibility (something my employer found out the hard way in the 2000s
> when it tried to use GNOME Desktop with /home as an autofs network
> share).  It doesn't seem likely, but in the event of problems, (1)
> crosscheck using a new test user, and if that user has no problems
> but your regular user does, then (2) try again with the various dotfiles
> and dotfile directories in ~ renamed to *.backup. 

I don't have GNOME on any system so cannot say this is current, but 
in the past these have included:


The contents of various of these have been known to wreck backwards
compatibility badly enough that a user can no longer login on a host
with a slightly older GNOME revision once a newer GNOME host has touched
the home directory's dotfiles (a situation arising if /home is moved
between distributions or shared via autofs, etc.).  If you encounter
that, either blow away the dotfiles or mv them out of the way.

(And then, I'd personally advise taking off and nuking GNOME from orbit.
It's the only way to be sure.  ;-> )

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