Svante Signell wrote on 10/08/17 00:16:
On Wed, 2017-08-09 at 22:45 +1000, Ralph Ronnquist wrote:
I prefer using a VDE setup, since that lets me run qemu as user (i.e.
not root)

-net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp::5556-:22
you don't have to run anything as root as long as the forwarded port is higher
than 1024. Additionally for a second VM you can use a different port e.g.
hostfwd=tcp::5557-:22 etc. On one of my hosts I run 4 VMs, on another 5. All
works fine, just make sure you have enough RAM for all guests.

Yes, that "no host setup" approach is a good one for many use cases.

I'm not comfortable with the "user mode" networking, though; esp. it didn't perform well when I tried it. It's also a little troublesome when I move the (laptop) host between cable and wireless. And it brought me a couple of other opinionated thoughts when I tried it, so nowadays I always bring up a vde_switch (and a dns_masq for dhcp service) whether I run any VM or not :-)

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