There is a pretty big (2500-3000 visitors) Linux/FOSS event taking place
in Chemnitz (Germany) in March. It's called Chemnitzer Linux Tage
(Chemnitz Linux Days) and has been held annually since 1999. The
project's website can be found at

The "About Us" page is at

I think it would be great if Devuan presented itself there.

There are two possible ways of doing that:

* Giving a talk of about 30 to 45 minutes and answering questions from
the audience for another 30 or 15 minutes respectively

* Having a booth in the exhibition area of the building where people can
come by, inform themselves, ask questions, obtain installation media and

I think it should be possible to have both if available manpower allows
for that.

It would be best if a possible talk could be given in German language,
though that's not mandatory. The call for lectures will presumably be
out in mid-October. The website also has some notes for speakers
( as well as
for exhibitors
( that should
be considered.

So, if anyone's interested, I'd be quite happy. I could help organizing

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