Thank you for posting it here Michael :).

Am 12/08/2017 um 18:52 schrieb Michael Siegel:
> There is a pretty big (2500-3000 visitors) Linux/FOSS event taking place
> in Chemnitz (Germany) in March. It's called Chemnitzer Linux Tage
> (Chemnitz Linux Days) and has been held annually since 1999. The
> project's website can be found at

Also, this has a bit of a reputation in the "geek circles" in Germany.

> I think it would be great if Devuan presented itself there.
> There are two possible ways of doing that:
> * Giving a talk of about 30 to 45 minutes and answering questions from
> the audience for another 30 or 15 minutes respectively
> * Having a booth in the exhibition area of the building where people can
> come by, inform themselves, ask questions, obtain installation media and
> such
> I think it should be possible to have both if available manpower allows
> for that.

Maybe both is not quite necessary, you know how that goes, people come
to you afterwards if they are interested. OTOH: if enough people end up
volunteering, sure why not.

> It would be best if a possible talk could be given in German language,
> though that's not mandatory. The call for lectures will presumably be
> out in mid-October. The website also has some notes for speakers
> ( as well as
> for exhibitors
> ( that should
> be considered.
> So, if anyone's interested, I'd be quite happy. I could help organizing
> things.

I'm actually interested here to see what our Elder Developers have to
say. Maybe one of them can make it, that'd be a hit.

As mentioned on IRC, I'm quite near and could lend a hand; my German is
not perfect, but it's alright (as long as I don't have to understand
extremely thick Chemnitzer accents :)).

Let's see how much interest this gathers and what can be done from that,
did you have any particular topic in mind?
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