On Sat, 12 Aug 2017, Evilham wrote:

> Please, let's everyone stick to what concerns us.

thanks for your reasoning. Here is what concerns me in brief:

0- We need to welcome more qualified developers to the project.
   I number it zero since I believe we all agree with this.

1- All developers must be treated equally. the fact me and Nextime
   have initiated the Devuan project, or Daniel is an elder and by all
   means a very important contributor, still does not mean we can miss
   deadlines, shabbily liquidate contributions or miss to maintain
   promises and agreements to the other developers. Noone can be
   exempt from any responsibility taken, no matter how important that
   person is to the project. This is not an attack to Nextime! because
   I admit I'm also behind some tasks and that just confirms point 0
   and I'm keen to pass them on to people who demonstrate the good
   will and love and expertise in doing them.

2- Development is a process and, as you pointed out, must happen as an
   OPEN process. Commits to a codebase must be properly commented and
   reviews must happen already during the development flow, to avoid
   enormous amounts of time wasted rewriting things and to allow
   experts to feed into specific parts of the projects. The quality of
   code cannot be a patchwork between releases.

3- While we do have time and possibility to grow, we must aim for TOP
   quality.  It is our task and that of all others engaging the
   project to RAISE its quality standards. Out of the huge amount of
   work we managed to do in the past year, now we must step out of
   emergency mode and take care to do things properly. Being a leader
   in Devuan means MORE work, not less, plus also means embodying what
   all Devuan developers SHOULD do.

Frankly this is my agenda and it is not just on top of the
scorsh/releasebot diatribe and it is not just about others developers,
but also myself, because I cannot be excellent enough alone nor with
other 2 excellent people like Daniel and Nextime, nor with us all on
this list. We must have a transparent process in place to recognise
and agree on excellence of cotnributions, not proceed by patchwork.

Also if I'm aloud to have a 4- and 5- concern then I'd share that of
most people commenting on Jessie release that it has taken too long
and those of parazyd and others that many important packages in Devuan
do not have yet a maintainer and also on Jessie we are behind updates
on a number of important packages.

Next I'll start to comment on your document, but also I have heavy
time constraints and need some breaks for peace of mind from work
(which chases me even on "vacation" periods and I'm not talking about
Devuan) so it will likely take me until tuesday to feed into the
document you propose.

> https://pad.dyne.org/code/#/1/edit/nXiySd0FPHvG8pBgGgImxA/aJ87TdwIEWiIk96GZcFwypnb


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