On 12/08/2017 at 21:08, John Franklin wrote:
> I may have an old (non-Ultra) SPARC machine in storage somewhere, or possible 
> an even older 68000-based SUN system.  If a PPC-based Macintosh would be 
> useful, I have some old boxes.  Most of these machines are in the Raleigh, NC 
> area, some are in the Washington, DC area.  I’m happy to donate any or all of 
> them.

  I think they'd be more welcome in an IT-history museum, rather than to power 
a XXI century porting project.

   I have a Blade-2000 machine, 2x1.2 GHz Ultrasparc III processors, available, 
if someone is thinking about a Devuan porting to such an architecture.  But I 
think Ultrasparc III too are a bit too old to spend the time required to port a 
modern GNU/Linux distribution on it.


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