On 02/01/2018 09:25 AM, info at smallinnovations dot nl wrote:
> You should install it from source, either git or the tar file on his
> website. You could try to install it from the (ubuntu 14.04) ppa but i
> have not tried that yet.

The 14.04 PPA wanted libavcodec54 but Devuan is sporting libavcodec56 so
unless I downgrade somehow, likely a no-go.

Can't seem to build the source either. libavcodec-dev has some deps on:

   libavcodec-extra-56 : Conflicts: libavcodec56 but
   10:2.6.5-dmo1 is installed.
   libavutil-dev : Depends: libavutil54 (= 6:11.11-1~deb8u1) but
   10:2.6.5-dmo1 is installed.
   libavresample-dev : Depends: libavresample2 (= 6:11.11-1~deb8u1) but
   10:2.6.5-dmo1 is installed.

Apt wants to resolve it by removing palemoon, vlc and a bunch of other
stuff that I'd rather not trash :/  I guess... I'll maybe find a Chrome
plugin or something...I also read something about plugging the speakear
output into the microphone jack to get recordmydesktop working with ALSA
so maybe I'll see if I can find a cable.
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