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> >
> >Please double-check by ensuring that:
> >
> >  # apt-get -f install
> >
> >does nothing at all.
> Yes, apt-get -f install does nothing after that upgrade.
> But is it wanted, that this upgrade of polkit installs
> libpolkit-backend-1-0-systemd???

No, you don't *have* to install that one, and it is not what it seems
to be (i.e., that package does not depend on systemd).

The overall idea is that now in Devuan ASCII you can choose to use
either the elogind or the consolekit backend. Basically, these three

  - libpolkit-backend-1-0-elogind
  - libpolkit-backend-1-0-systemd
  - libpolkit-backend-1-0-consolekit

all Provide: libpolkit-backend-1-0.

The elogind backend comes in two falvours, either a "systemd" or an
"elogind" version. *None* *of* *the* *two* actually requires systemd,
and both use the elogind daemon. The difference is that the former
still needs to be compiled against libsystemd0, while the latter does

The consolekit backend comes in just one flavour, and does not depend
on libsystemd0 either. 

Long story short: Andreas, Hleb, and Svante have managed to implement
the proposal of disentangling the session management stuff from hard
systemd deps, allowing to use either consolekit or elogind in

This means that all the fancy desktop stuff, including
reboot/shutdown/suspend/automount and whatnot, shoud work out of the
box for all the major (and minor) desktop systems available in
Devuan. And in fact it does, with several combinations of those
backends and different session managers.

More news will follow soon. Expect some bumps, but don't lose your
faith: there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel ;)



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