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> Urban, back in 2013 I faced a sort of mini-systemd situation: I kicked
> every KDE executable and library off my system, on the theory that if
> any KDE code got run, it could do heaven knows what to my system,
> because KDE is a hairball of monolithic entanglement. I was lucky for
> KDE's self-imposed naming scheme that taught me to be careful of
> anything starting with k. Still, it would be very nice to run a program
> whose output is a list of KDE components remaining on the computer, so
> if I find one, I can de-install its package and/or delete its files.

STEP 1:  Type 'apt-get install [foo]'  Command will wait for
your confirmation if there are dependencies.

STEP 2:  Review those dependencies to ensure they are not excessive or

STEP 3:  If dependencies are excessive or unreasonable, type 'n'.  
Otherwise, type 'y'.

Oh, and spend some time determining what you deem unreasonable.

There, fixed it for you.

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