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> we know that many of us are experiencing enormous ETAs on downloading
> ASCII Beta images from http://files.devuan.org
> The reason is that we just didn't expect so many people were waiting
> for ASCII to come out. Here is a snaphot of the MRTG from one of
> Devuan's servers in the last 20 hours:
>   http://katolaz.homeunix.net/tmp/ascii_beta_release.png
> We have served iso downloads to several thousands unique IPs, and at
> the moment we have several hundred parallel active connections. OVH
> has kindly increased the upload bw on our servers, and we are
> currently working to make additional servers available.
> Well, it seems that they are right in saying that love can be
> "suffocating", at times :D
> In the meanwhile, the best way to get ASCII beta images as soon as
> possible is to back off for a few hours, let the (many) mirrors use
> the availale bandwidth to sync as fast as they can, and then download
> the images from one of the mirrors listed at http://www.devuan.org

Why not offer a BittTrrent download ?
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