Dear Dev1rs,

we know that many of us are experiencing enormous ETAs on downloading
ASCII Beta images from

The reason is that we just didn't expect so many people were waiting
for ASCII to come out. Here is a snaphot of the MRTG from one of
Devuan's servers in the last 20 hours:

We have served iso downloads to several thousands unique IPs, and at
the moment we have several hundred parallel active connections. OVH
has kindly increased the upload bw on our servers, and we are
currently working to make additional servers available.

Well, it seems that they are right in saying that love can be
"suffocating", at times :D

In the meanwhile, the best way to get ASCII beta images as soon as
possible is to back off for a few hours, let the (many) mirrors use
the availale bandwidth to sync as fast as they can, and then download
the images from one of the mirrors listed at

We know that the following mirrors have at least the images for
desktop-live and embedded, and some of them have netinst and/or some
install DVD/CD as well:
Please verify the SHA256SUMS and the corresponding signatures. They
are signed with the corresponding developer keys, listed at:

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are working at improving
our infrastructure to cope with the increasing demand of the Devuan



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