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>Are you saying now, and this is a new take on explaining the
>unexplainable, and please readers feel free to intervene here and point
>out the obvious to me, what is the problem of reaching pkgmaster via
>tor://  All you would know, being the gate keeper
>on the repository side, is that someone through https:// is reaching
>pkgmaster from the exit node.  Nothing else!  If you can see something,
>other than "graylisting" tor exit nodes, I am sure the torpoject people
>would like to know.  The difference with an onion address is that the
>connection doesn't go out to clearnet to reach the destination, but the
>target is one and the same.  Right?
It means that when you access https://pkgmaster.d.o, the clearnet debian repos 
are used for any unmodified packages, and if you use the onion, the tor 
repositories are used.
>I don't know what is going on with the internals of the repository and
>I don't know whether the "users" would care to know.  The questions was
>simple, are they or are they not the same.  What is your response? 
>Beating around the bush?
Nice accusation but you haven't provided any technical details and frankly 
nobody gives a flying fsck about your accusations. Provide technical evidence 
or be quiet.
>****   As has been reported by torproject, not yet explained, somehow
>if you make "one connection" through tor, out in clearnet and back
>through tor your identity is revealed.  *****
How is this relevant? The only one making clearnet connections (if any) would 
be pkgmaster, and it already has a public IP. This feels like fearmongering.
>But where has this practice been documented before this "official"
>announcement?  Here you are admitting the onion address is NOT the same
>with packagemaster because the forwarding is done to two separate
>debian addresses.
No, he just said that the debian clearnet repo is used for https, and debian 
tor repo is used for tor.
>It is obviously a logic problem when you say that they are the same
>when you describe that they aren't.  Am I crazy here or did you just
>admit that an onion connection is forwarded differently than a clearnet
Yes, he did, and this is perfectly fine.
>And it is obvious that even though I make a clear reference that on
>this list the problem was brought up in early December just as I
>described it, it was cared for and addressed then, it was reported "as
>fixed" for that particular occasion.  Did you forget it, do you
>selectively pretend it is an isolated issue that only occurs "here" and
>you are clueless to how many people witnessed the problem, or is with
>"your logic" the issue a non-problem if only one person reports on it?
>Obviously the way you are handling the response to me is evidence that
>there is something to the story.
Or it's simply evidence that you're talking out of your backend.
>PLEASE do not forget to point us to the reference on when was there a
>public announcement that onion address users were shoved over to a beta
>testing system.  I simply have missed it.
amprolla3 has been stable for a while now, IDK what you're talking about.

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