devuanfwojg73k6r.onion  and are they and have they ever 
been the same?

The reason I am asking is in the past couple of months I witnessed ups and 
downs where there were differences and packages existing on one repository 
naming scheme and the other differed, making upgrade procedures to produce 
different results.  In some cases a few weeks ago and while testing the ascii 
distribution the upgrade through the onion address caused total failure of a 
very functional installation.
A first indication that something was seriously wrong was about the time that 
OpenRC and eudev had made it to ascii but at a different naming scheme than 
they existed in experimental.  Eventually through some help from fsmithred for 
older installations with OpenRC the eudev upgrade was possible in ascii.  In 
new installations of ascii where OpenRC and eudev were to be installed the 
primary problem reappeared as it was evident back in December.  The pkgs were 
there but some dependencies were missing.  Weird as it was switching to the names of the repositories the missing pkgs WERE there.

After nearly a month has passed NOBODY from the devuan forum cared to transfer 
this puzzling behavior here.  It is evident as per the archives of this list 
that this problem had appeared before, "before it was announced that the onion 
repositories had been forwarding to pkgmaster without the users knowing that 
they had been kicked over to a beta system", and a fault with "pkgmaster" and 
amprolla3 had been taken care of.  Obviously the problem reappeared later.  
After all kinds of havoc and banning of the person reporting the problem took 
place in the "officially official devuan forum" the behavior of the variability 
of the two claimed identical repositories seemed to have magically cured itself 
yet again.

So here is the bottom line technical question as per advise by devuan forum 
admins to be raised here:
We have = tziberish.onion and the later one 
points exactly at the same server (claimed to be amprolla3 powered pkgmaster).  
 You udpate on that repository and you get a release file and a gpg key that 
verifies the validity of that release file.  You switch between the two names, 
and it "reloads" updates that file as it is a different "new" file, with the 
same gpg key.  Why is this?  Why if it the same server doesn't apt (or apt-get) 
recognize it as the same release file?

What are the implications of a repository being claimed to be the same with two 
addresses and in fact being a different, even if slightly different, or even if 
the contents are the same but it is actually a different server?  How long were 
onion address users exposed to a beta repository system before they were told 
they had been "pushed over to it"?

Gus, from --> not the same person that was banned from 
the forum.

PS   Since GoLinux had a month to transfer this complaint and this issue here 
for technical advise and chose to keep it a secret from the list, I shall hope 
GoLinux will respect the OP and do not express any opinion on the matter, just 
so tones can be kept at a low level, if that can be possible.

PS2  If one cares to look back at the archives about the following: 
(libcommons-pool-java and eclypse package) problems, one would find that the 
problem had been reported to the list before and there was assurance that the 
problem in amprolla3 had been "fixed".  It seems as the problem wasn't 
permanently fixed or even addressed the correct way.  It was just specifically 
showing as a non-continuing problem.

PS3   Maybe irrelevant, but could ascii exacerbate some problems as going from 
jessie to ascii packages may have a lower number version in ascii than in 
jessie, which makes the installation different than if it was a straight ascii 
build?  And those packages must be devuan specific (or specifically held back) 
as such things wouldn't happen from a true debian repository.
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