Le 06/03/2018 à 10:38, KatolaZ a écrit :
     I wanted to use zfs for my home partition, not using any RAID feature,
just one partition. The installation of zfs-dkms was extremely long. The
first time it was just endless and I interrupted it and it was difficult to
recover dpkg. Finally I was able to clean-up and I retried the installation
of zfs-dkms. This time it was long also, but at least, I could see something
consuming cpu time (several gcc threads). And it eventually completed.

     Now I have zfs-dkms and zfs-tools installed; I can create a zfs pool
containing a single partition, but it disapears after reboot.

     I am back with my old 254GB SSD. I will try harder later to make a zfs
The pool has nor disappeared. I guess you just need to start zed. The
zfs-utils package in Debian has removed initscripts, and they are
being re-introduced. The new package should b ein ascii soon. In the
meanwhile, you should be ablee to use the version available in

    Thanks Enzo. Will try it.


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