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> > 
> > Please notice that the original walkthrough document is always at:
> > 
> >   https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/devuan_mirror_walkthrough.txt
> > 
> > In theory, package mirrors (like ftp.fau.de, the one that you mention)
> > should mirror that file automatically, but they are not requested to
> > do so, so it's better to always refer to the version on
> > pkgmaster.devuan.org. If you have suggestions for improvements to the
> > walkthrough, you are welcome to propose them :)
> ..thanks.  _Should_ I really need ssh key access to rsync the 
> "devuan" part of Devuan for my lan mirror?  
> For public mirrors, I totally agree we need ssh key security, 
> but for my lan mirrors?  
> ..for non-public lan mirrors I feel ssh key security should be
> optional, so my lan mirrors keep working when my net link dies.

You should use apt-mirror. It works seamlessly. pkgmaster does not
serve the package repo via public rsync.

We will probably put in place another machine to provide a secondary
mirror with public rsync access. 

> > Anyway, you still need a Debian mirror for all the packages that are
> > not forked by Devuan (which are about 95% of all the 180000+ packages
> > in Jessie, Ascii, Ceres), so in practice you can't yank the Debian
> > mirror down atm.
> ..correct, unless you're serving Debian clients or keeping an eye on 
> systemd etc conspiracies, the easier approach would be starting with 
> a Debian lan mirror and then "update" that debmirror-style to create
> our own "merged" Devuan package mirror. 
> ..debmirror-style, debmirror should believe any "merged" lie we feed 
> it, once we have those ssh key access issues on "devuan" sorted out.  

Nope. The best approach is to use ftpmirror or apt-mirror, specifying
Devuan's repo in the configuration. This work seamlessly, and will
give you a fully-functional local Devuan mirror. 



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