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Rick Moen <r...@linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting Luciano Mannucci (luci...@vespaperitivo.it):
> > Hmm, I guess that a couple of virtual machines under KVM/Qemu on an 
> > IBM S802L Power8 are'nt enough... (I could provide them :)
> > I have an old G4 MacBook that I should check to see if it is still
> > working...  
> I have an antique G3 Macbook, so I'm one up on you, there.  ;->  It
> still functions, for long-ago values of 'function'.
> Sometimes, people ask me what it runs, and the usual answer is 'It
> doesn't run anything, exactly; it walks Debian briskly.'
> Personally, I think it makes a lot more sense to let this stuff go.
> IMO, Devuan has enough to handle without delving into specialty
> hardware. (Just my two zorkmids and change.  Your Views May
> Differ.{tm})

There are a couple kinds of specialty hardware:

1) Antiquated stuff

2) Newish stuff that just might make it

Examples of #1 are VAX, PowerPC, Sun hardware. Examples of #2 are
various Raspberry Pi's, Beaglebone, various modern SOC's.

IMHO #1 is a waste of time, just like Rick said. #2 might be a good
thing, so as to get a sans-systemd distro onto tiny computers and not
forfeit to Debian's specialty OS.

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