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> On 08/03/2018 at 13:28, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > On 08/03/18 10:05, wrote:
> >> In exchange for money they are now advertising and endorsing a maker of
> >> fake libre hardware by letting them have a booth at libreplanet an
> >> endorsing their debian copy "PureOS"
> >>
> >>
> >
> > Really? I am pretty positive about Purism right now, I'm not sure the
> > criticisms are valid.
>   In fact it's just another take of Taiidan against Purism, it's his job.

many thanks for completing the information on this thread and bringing
some more facts to light.

I had somehow an observer role in the process of Purism going through
through the libre-linux process and being approved by the FSF and must
admit I have never been a fan of it because of three main reasons:

1- From a philosopher standing point, their name is horrible.
   "Purity" is a horrible, terrible abstraction.

2- They made their way in as aggressively as Taiidan now is attacking

3- They produce new hardware instead of recycling existing one,
   something I do not like for many enviromental reasons.

But considering all the above is pretty much subjective to my opinion,
if a peer review process is in place involing many GNUs I will trust
it and set apart my "beliefs". The fact that Purism passed the review
perhaps says something about the "religious" nature of FSF :^) but I
can tell from backlogs it wasn't short of attention to details and
criticism they have faced.

I recommend Taiidan does his/her best different endeavours and also
applies to the libre-linux review to be featured by the FSF, as well
applies to the H-Node registry of hardware perhaps in some way.

I also recommend the FSF sometimes soon improves its own team by
including more interdisciplinarity, since there are many issues at
stake connected with technology and in this particular case an
anthropologist or ethnographer approach would have been that of
mapping the field and documenting it before endorsing the bozo who
insists louder for visibility.


p.s. does Purism laptops come with systemd? <g>

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