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> > If there's some way to guess what map a Logitech wireless keyboard needs,
> > it'd be really useful. Here in Australia, keyboards tend to be US or
> > maybe US-international, whatever that is. (Found in the full list,
> > option 4 in "dpkg-reconfigure console-data" dialogue)
> > 
> Does solaar tell you that?
> https://pwr.github.io/Solaar/

Many thanks, Tom, for that link. It describes Logitech keyboards from
K230 up, but mine (quite new) is a K220. The page also states: "The
reprog(rammable) keys feature is currently not fully supported by
Solaar. You are able to read this feature using solaar-cli, but it is
not possible to assign different keys." So we're SOOL regarding
remapping there.

> There appears to be a package already in Debian and also a separate
> repo available from their website.
> Almost all keyboards purchased in oz should be in standard US keyboard
> layout, usually 104/105 keys. You’d normally have to import from
> overseas to find one that’s in a foreign layout.

That's what I thought, but wouldn't be adamant in the case of a compact
wireless keyboard, even one from just up the road. And it seemed to work
fine for many months on Debian 9, prior to my switch to Devuan. (Can't
promise that I used all keys then, as it was then only my faster net
browsing machine.)

Trying the "dpkg-reconfigure console-data" again, remembering that the
RF dongle is sitting in a USB socket, I've tried the
"pc/qwerty/US American/Standard/Standard" option under "Select keymap
from full list", but there's no change.

Well, that does appear to confirm that "dpkg-reconfigure console-data"
does nothing in the circumstance I'm enquiring about. If it is the case
that in XFCE, key mapping is done "in the DE", then the question is
reduced to "How?.

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