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Didier Kryn - 15.05.18, 14:26:
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wirelessd...@gmail.com - 14.05.18, 02:52:
I’ve read that the ascii RC has optional support for OpenRC.How
can I switch to this on an existing system to try it out?

Is it simply a matter of running “apt-get install openrc”?
This basically did it for me. But this warning has been unhelpful
for me:

%:/var/lib/dpkg/info# grep -A 2 "sysv" *openrc*
openrc.postinst:        echo "*** WARNING: if you are replacing
sysv-rc by OpenRC, then you must ***" openrc.postinst-        echo
"*** reboot immediately using the following command:
***" openrc.postinst-        echo 'for file in /etc/rc0.d/K*; do
s=`basename $(readlink "$file")` ; /etc/init.d/$s stop; done'

What this did on my system is: Stop all services and then sit there.
      That's what this long command exactly means: for every init
script which is to be stopped at shutdown (those with a symlink with
a K prefix), execute the stop command. There's just an error in the
postinst message, because it says that would also perform the reboot.
That is what I thought to. But then there was also this postinst

did not reboot. I asked a co-worker to reboot the machine via the
hypervisor and it worked.
      You could as well send the command 'reboot'
Not after SSH was gone.
    Sure. I missed that point.

But you mean instead of this loop I could have used reboot? Then why is
this postinst message there to begin with?
    No. Reboot would fail because it wouldn't be able to stop the services. It seems you have to sit in front of the computer to be able to switch from sysv to openrc (and vice-versa). Or to connect to it via some backdoor of your own, not managed by init scripts. Or use some behated management engine (IPMI).


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