> On Apr 6, 2018, at 3:28 PM, Ian Maddison <ian@mad.paris> wrote:
> I'd be extremely disappointed to see hear of the premature demise of this WG.
> As we approach the fifth anniversary of the summer of Snowden, I've the 
> impression
> of a job half one, despite all the commendable efforts of the IETF, this 
> group,
> individuals like Stéphane and the getdns team, etc, etc.


> Privacy enabled public recursives such as the very useful quad9.net service 
> are still relatively slow while the quicker ones from the good folks at 
> Sinodun suffer from a lack of clients

I take it the comparison you’re drawing is to the ones that John and Sara are 
running at  If so, I’m not sure it’s useful to compare two 
servers in one location to 800 servers in 180 locations, but if you’re seeing 
poor performance from any Quad9 node, please open a bug report with a 
traceroute, so one of our folks can see what’s wrong and get it fixed.

> I see a lot of effort going into outreach but it still still seems like the 
> general public and journalists have yet to catch on to the scale and breadth 
> of this DNS problem



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