Colleagues, there is still plenty of time to nominate candidates for the 
upcoming WG co-chair vacancy. Anyone can be nominated. They can even nominate 
themselves! Details of the role’s responsibilities are outlined in RIPE 
Document 542 tough this is a little out of date. Dave, Jaap and myself are of 
course happy to provide more details or answer questions from potential 
candidates - just get in touch.

At present, only two names have emerged: Ralf Weber and Shane Kerr. More 
choices would be welcomed. So far, there have only been a few statements of 
support on the list for both Ralf and Shane. More voices of support would 
strengthen the consensus determination that has to be made. So vote early, vote 
often! Assuming we did voting at RIPE.... :-)

The plan remains to have the WG discuss/endorse the choice of candidates on the 
list, make a consensus determination about that at RIPE73 and announce the 
result to the WG then.

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