+1 for Shane

> Colleagues, there is still plenty of time to nominate candidates for the 
> upcoming WG co-chair vacancy. Anyone can be nominated. They can even nominate 
> themselves! Details of the role’s responsibilities are outlined in RIPE 
> Document 542 tough this is a little out of date. Dave, Jaap and myself are of 
> course happy to provide more details or answer questions from potential 
> candidates - just get in touch.
> At present, only two names have emerged: Ralf Weber and Shane Kerr. More 
> choices would be welcomed. So far, there have only been a few statements of 
> support on the list for both Ralf and Shane. More voices of support would 
> strengthen the consensus determination that has to be made. So vote early, 
> vote often! Assuming we did voting at RIPE.... :-)
> The plan remains to have the WG discuss/endorse the choice of candidates on 
> the list, make a consensus determination about that at RIPE73 and announce 
> the result to the WG then.

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