+1 for the Shane nomination. 

Erik Bais 

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Van: dns-wg [mailto:dns-wg-boun...@ripe.net] Namens Shane Kerr
Verzonden: donderdag 1 september 2016 9:19
Aan: dns-wg@ripe.net
Onderwerp: [dns-wg] DNS WG co-chair nomination

Hello DNS working group,

I nominate myself as co-chair of the DNS working group.

I've been involved with DNS and with RIPE since the 20th century, and
have written DNS software and worked for DNS providers of various
kinds. I currently work for the Beijing Internet Institute doing DNS
research, mostly in our root server testbed project, Yeti[1], these

You may remember me from my previous stint as one of the RIPE IPv6
working group co-chairs, or possibly from the tragic BIND 10
project[2]. I am also currently on the RIPE meeting program committee.

I have no specific changes that I think are needed in the DNS working
group - there is always more proposals than room for them at RIPE
meetings, with informative sessions and friendly participation. But I
love the RIPE community and I'm a DNS guy, so I'd like to help out.



[1] https://yeti-dns.org
[2] Discussed here: https://ripe68.ripe.net/archives/video/153/

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