Find below the current draft agenda. Apologies for being late.



   DNS WG, Thursday, October 27th 15-16:30, Afternoon Session I

A. Administrative matters

        o Welcome

        o Scribe selection/introduction

        o Jabber selection/introduction

        o Microphone Etiquette

        o Finalise agenda

B. Matters arising from RIPE-72 Minutes
        (None known to co-chairs)

C. Review of Action items
        (No open items)

D. New co-chair appointments

E. Ripe NCC reports
        Anand Buddhdev

F. OMG!, a DNS firewall
   Powerfull DNS filtering in Knot Resolver
        Ondřej Surý

G. Impact of new gTLD on the root system
   Preliminary results
        Jaap Akkerhuis (CDAR)

Z. AOB(1)


   DNS WG, Thursday, October 27th 17-18:30, Afternoon Session II

H. Welcome back

I. The changing DNS market - a technical perspective
        Johan Ihrén

J. Zonemaster, a DNS validatin tool
        Sandoche Balakrichenan

K .DNS for Egyptians

L. In the search of resolvers
        Sebastian Castro

ZZ. AOB(2)

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