* Remi Gacogne <remi.gaco...@powerdns.com> [190712 16:08]:
> That would make it possible to do something like that in a generic way:
> addAction({ 'rate1.com','aaaaa.aa' }, ContinueAction(PoolAction("static")))
> I don't think it would be too complicated to implement and since it
> would be self-contained we could even consider it for 1.4.0.
> Any thoughts?

Sounds good to me.

At a future time maybe all currently terminating actions could be
reviewed and possibly be turned into SetXxxAction (ex SetPoolAction)
which then would imply "Continue". Personally I like the iptables design
where there are only very few terminating actions ("targets" in
iptables lingo), and almost everything else implicitly continues.
Writing this in a very vague way as I haven't even done a
preliminary analysis what this would entail...

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