I have an Asus rt-n16 router running the Shibby version of the Tomato
firmware which includes dnsmasq version 2.69test3. It's in use in a
building that frequently has 50+ users on a wireless network and dnsmasq
has performed extremely well with very little load on the router.

However, we've recently run a couple of conferences in the building and the
number of people using the wireless network has been just over 100. Several
times there have been problems resolving addresses and when I've looked at
the router dnsmasq has been using 100% cpu. Restarting dnsmasq temporarily
fixes the problem but it occurs again maybe 20 minutes later.

I've turned off logging, increased the cache-size and the maximum number of
dhcp leases (anything I could see that might be a problem with more users)
but this hasn't fixed the problem.

I wondered if anyone has come across anything similar or has any


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