I'm currently running a network which has IPv6 support via a tunnel from
Hurricane Electric's tunnelbroker.net.

I currently use radvd to broadcast my IPv6 prefix around my internal
network, allowing machines to automatically assign their own IPv6 address.
This *also* allows the internal network interface (eth1 in my case) to
automatically configure its own address.

I'm experimenting with dnsmasq at the moment, with a view to replacing my
current setup of bind and dhcpd with dnsmasq. However, I'm finding that
unless I *manually* assign an appropriate ipv6 address to eth1, dnsmasq will
not even send out advertisements of my IPv6 prefix.

Is there any way I can get this working?  What I'd ideally like is for
dnsmasq to automatically determine the appropriate prefix from the tunnel
interface, and then broadcast this prefix out over the internal network
(eth1), and as a side effect of that allow eth1 to pick up an appropriate
IPv6 address of its own. It seems a sham to have to manually assign an
address to eth1, when it's technically possible for it to automatically
configure itself (as this works when using radvd to advertise the prefix).

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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