On 8/4/2018 5:32 PM, Hugo Segovia wrote:

First, for "client name" I mean the fourth field in an typical
dnsmasq.lease line:
                                                * this one! *
1532225279 aa:bb:cc:00:11:22 android-abcdexyx123456 *

Now, to my issue: I've been asked to setup a little WLAN for free
"Computers 101" courses, and the WLAN does not have any kind of
security (not my choice, BTW...). As you can imagine,
an open WLAN is VERY attractive for freeloaders.

I've been adding "dhcp-host=mac-address,ignore" entries for a while, but
I've been wondering if I could, for example, ignore all DHCP requests
from hosts with a client name like
"android-<somethingsomething>" (because we're not teaching "how to use
your Android smartphone", hence it must come from freeloaders)

You could maybe look at '-6 --dhcp-script=<path>':


John Doe

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