On 10/09/18 19:51, Andrey Vakhitov wrote:
> Hello Simon & Uwe,
>> unfortunately that problem is seen often with providers in Germany, although 
>> the large ones no longer
>> do it (or allow to disable the disconnect). The problem is that German 
>> providers automatically 
>> disconnect the PPPoE connection every 24 hrs. After reconnecting you get a 
>> new address (IPv4) and 
>> prefix (IPv6). Since the changes we did (deprecating prefixes) this works 
>> fine  for standard router 
>> advertisements. But won't help for DHCPv6.
> This is exactly my case, my ISP is o2.
>>> Dnsmasq doesn't implement RECONFIGURE. It probably should. The main 
>>> problem, from a quick look at the RFC, is that RECONFIGURE mandates 
>>> use of security mechanism, and dnsmasq doesn't implement that either!
> I know that it's against RFC but some routers (like the fritzbox I'm using, 
> very popular choice in Germany) actually send RECONFIGURE without 
> authentication. This is BTW the reason for introduction of "noauthrequired" 
> config option in dhcpcd ;-)

I wonder if a very simple RECONFIGURE implementation would work here:
Just send a non-specific RECONFIGURE message to all clients when a new
IPV6 network turns up? Without security. That would be fairly simple to
implement and to configure.




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