Hello Simon,

> If you look, lots of things are different between the two logs. In the
second one, 
> dhcpcd is doing routing table changes, for instance. That could explain
why dnsmasq 
> gives up trying to confirm SLAAC addresses because it gets transient "no
route to host" 
> returns. (see previous reply to make sense of this.)

Ok, change of the routing is actually the "normal case" for me in this
scenario. Once again: My ISP requires nightly reconnect. After the reconnect
IPv6 address range assigned by IPS changes normally. Delegated prefixes
allocated by upstream router are changing also. Addresses of internal
interfaces there dnsmasq provides DHCP & DNS services are changing as well
(new prefix). And this is exactly the reason why I want to utilize
"ra-names" option: IPv6 prefixes are changing every day and I need name
resolution to reach hosts via IPv6.

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