Hi John,

unless you want too much work, I would suggest using separate domain for
management names. If you are not afraid management network would be
accessible to all users, just use --server=/mgmt.example.net/ and
--server= for normal names (or just read /etc/resolv.conf for
them). If names are not in separate domain, I doubt there is good
solution. using --server/host-mgmt-1.XY/ may work, but I think
you should ask administrators to create easier system in such case :)

I think I have understood it right, your dnsmasq is just dns proxy for
both networks and does not serve any DHCP or DNS to those networks, right?

On 8/26/19 4:58 AM, John Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a system that has two WAN interfaces... one WAN is used for 
> management, and the other WAN is used for normal internet access.  Each WAN 
> has its own DNS and DHCP Servers upstream.  The DNS Server on the Management 
> WAN will serve out IP addresses for the management sites, while the other WAN 
> will use public DNS Servers to resolve IP addresses for DNS queries.
> I am interested in knowing best practice in how to configure dnsmasq for 
> these dual-wan situations?   Do I need to run two dnsmasq processes or can a 
> single dnsmasq process handle multiple WANs?  The management processes 
> running on the system will use eth0.10 (VLAN 10) to access the management 
> WAN, while normal user traffic will use eth0 (untagged) interface to get to 
> the internet.
> Does anyone have a sample configuration on how to configure this?
> Thanks in advance,
> John
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