Hi Simon,

Feel free to throw these patches away!  Prompted by the recent unused var 
warning fixes when building on macos, I pondered if the warning suppression was 
a bit too global.  Some warnings are prompted by not including some code (e.g. 
DHCPV6 vs no DHCPV6) and I wondered if the warning suppression should be made 
(inverse) conditional.  It means that if some future change genuinely ends up 
with us not using a variable we will get a warning.

Probably done at the same time as the whitespace cleanup, if at all :-)


Kevin D-B

gpg: 012C ACB2 28C6 C53E 9775  9123 B3A2 389B 9DE2 334A

Attachment: 0001-cache.c-tidy-unused-warning.patch
Description: 0001-cache.c-tidy-unused-warning.patch

Attachment: 0002-dhcp-common.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0002-dhcp-common.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0003-dhcp.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0003-dhcp.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0004-dnsmasq.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0004-dnsmasq.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0005-forward.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0005-forward.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0006-lease.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0006-lease.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0007-network.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0007-network.c-tidy-unused.patch

Attachment: 0008-rfc3315.c-tidy-unused.patch
Description: 0008-rfc3315.c-tidy-unused.patch

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